EnGraved Theme




ADMIN PAGE (Template Setting)

Setting Up Featured Section

Set up theme:

  1. extract the zipped file.
  2. upload plugins to your plugins folder.
  3. upload folder js-engraved to your theme folder.
  4. actived plugins.
  5. actived theme.

How it Works

Featured section calls all posts within category Featured. The image displayed in this section also special made. So by assigning a post to Featured category and uploading an image of this post for the featured section, you ‘re all done.

Before you continue to Setup this Featured section, make sure you have done all setup needed so the “En6raved theme” could work as expected. Click here to complete it if you haven’t done so..


  1. Adsense ready, you just need adding adsense script in backend admin dashboard,
  2. Widget ready,
  3. Texturized and etched styles,
  4. Built in color schemes options,
  5. Unlimited colors options,
  6. Ready Litebox Javascript Mootools.
  7. Capcha ready,
  8. ‘Contact us page’ ready,

Setting it Up:

  • Login to your Dashboard.
  • Go to Categories page
  • Create New category, name it : Featured
  • Preparation done.

How to Display Posts in Featured Section

  1. Edit or Create New post.
  2. Assign it to Featured category.
  3. Upload the image of the post for this Featured section.
  4. Enter the filename of the image in the field provided within the post editor.
  5. You’re done. The post and its image should appeared in this very section, and you won’t see the message again.

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